Saving Sunshine

As the world turns to sustainability, solar enriches our lives. SAVING SUNSHINE
takes a look at today's developments in solar electricity and its increasing role
as power provider.

Combining the best features of off-grid , stand-alone solar installations with grid-tied systems that provide distributed generation, photovoltaic systems have evolved into AC-coupled systems . They provide back-up, stand-alone electricity while also using renewable solar energy for our everyday electrical needs.

This combination of renewable energy and energy storage connects multiple inverters with maintenance-free batteries and opens the door to energy independence in a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Teachers, electricians, system installers, architects, owners of grid-tied systems and solar advocates will find the clear explanations in SAVING SUNSHINE helpful in learning
the specifics of an AC-coupled system and how it forms a local distribution system to deliver electricity in a more reliable and environmentally friendly manner.

'The film is informative and appropriate for first-year engineering students. It would supplement material currently used for a home energy project where student teams improve a baseline house design to use less annual energy. This video provides a general overview to solar systems that are analyzed in more detail to optimize residential energy use.' Terry Speicher, Assistant Professor of Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University


Main credits

Hankins, Bruce (Screenwriter)
Hankins, Bruce (Narrator)
Hoskyns-Abrahall, Winnie (Producer)
Hennessy, Bill (Producer)
Hennessy, Bill (Screenwriter)
Furdyna, John (Cinematographer)
Freeman, Joan (Cinematographer)
Freeman, Joan (Film editor)

Other credits

Writer, Bruce Hankins, Bill Hennessy; camera, John Furdyna, Joan Freeman; editor, Joan Freeman.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

Electrical Engineering
Physical Science
Renewable Energy
Solar Installation
Vocational Education


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