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One of the most effective energy films ever made, TOAST illustrates our underlying dependence on fossil fuels, and takes as its example the production and distribution of a commonplace item, bread. Using only flowing images set to music, it documents all the fossil fuel inputs, from the oil well head (to make the fertilizer to grow the wheat, etc.) to the toaster.

'One energy film in particular should be seen by everyone of all ages (grades 3 and up) in the whole world, Toast.' New Roots

'A mind-blowing illustration of the misuse of energy.' Energy and the Way We Live
'It packs a creative and emotional punch that will make people, especially younger students, think about energy consumption.' Reel Change


Main credits

Hoffman, Daniel (filmmaker)
Ryan, Michael (narrator)

Other credits

Music by Klaus Schulze, Achim Reichel, Kraftwerk.

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Future Studies
Natural Resources
Social Studies


energy, fossil fuels, production, bread; "Toast"; Bullfrog Films