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Valley at the Crossroads

The Central Valley is perhaps the world's greatest agricultural resource, producing about half of America's fruits, nuts and vegetables. But in many valley towns, homebuilding, not agriculture, now drives the economy.

Two vast forces are beginning to collide, and battles have broken out in the Valley over growth. VALLEY AT THE CROSSROADS visits the frontlines of this struggle and explores the central issues involved. Included are the voices of farmers, activists, office holders, developers and others as they debate the issues and work to find a solution.

In a state that's projected to reach a population of 50 million by 2025, will the Central Valley go the way of Los Angeles and Silicon Valley — regions that only two generations ago were agricultural juggernauts themselves?

The future of the Central Valley is arguably California's greatest 21st century decision — a decision that also has profound implications for the rest of the country. VALLEY AT THE CROSSROADS is the first film to grapple with these questions head-on.