Reinventing the World: Work and Time

What is work? Why is it important? What's changed about work in our globalized, corporatized world? Why are we either overworked, under-worked or out of work? Why don't we have enough time for the things we say are most important in our lives? What are we 'saving time' for anyway?

This program examines work and time as intertwined problems in our fast-forward lives and why it's become increasingly harder to find balance.

Jeremy Rifkin, Matthew Fox, Paul Hawken, Barbara Moses, Sally Lerner, Stewart Brand, and 'El Vez', the Mexican Elvis impersonator, are some of the people who offer ideas on what work and time mean and how we can get to a more equitable place in our lives.

'Begins by examining the social practices and public policies that have lead to a rapid-paced, technology dependent, time-consuming business world that breeds discontent and frustration. It then goes on to discuss possible solutions and alternative lifestyles...An honest and revealing examination of the nature of employment in our society.' Alternatives Journal

'Emphasizing the need to balance the demands of work and still make time for meaningful activities, the program also looks at the differences between a job and a career, suggests ways to avoid the squirrel in a cage syndrome, and encourages viewers to examine societal values toward work...Highly recommended.' ***1/2 Video Librarian


Main credits

Springbett, David (film director)
Springbett, David (film producer)
MacAndrew, Heather (screenwriter)
Kennedy, Des (narrator)
Kennedy, Des (screenwriter)

Other credits

Editors, Jack Morbin, Gord More; photography, Gord More - Quadra Productions; original music, Tobin Stokes.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

American Studies
Business Practices
Local Economies
Social Psychology
Voluntary Simplicity


stress, work, time, Jeremy Rifkin, Matthew Fox, Paul Hawken, Barbara Moses, Sally Lerner, Stewart Brand; "Work and Time"; Bullfrog Films

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