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A Will for the Woods

What if our last act could be a gift to the planet? Capturing the genesis of a revolutionary social and environmental movement, A WILL FOR THE WOODS draws the viewer into a life-affirming and immersive portrait of people embracing their connection to timeless natural cycles.

Musician, folk dancer, and psychiatrist Clark Wang prepares for his own green burial, determined that his final resting place will benefit the earth. He has discovered a movement that uses burial to conserve and restore natural areas, forgoing toxic, wasteful funeral practices engineered to preserve the body at the ecosystem's expense. Clark, a spirited and charismatic advocate, sets out to save a tract of forest with the help of green burial pioneers and a compassionate local cemeterian.

While he continues to battle cancer, he and his partner Jane find great comfort in the thought that his death - whenever it may happen - will be a force for regeneration. As the film follows Clark's dream of leaving a loving, permanent legacy, environmentalism takes on a deeply human intimacy.

The folloiwng is a note about the short version of A WILL FOR THE WOODS by the filmmakers: 'This hour-long version was originally edited down from the feature-length version for the film's PBS broadcast as part of the program America ReFramed. The heart of both films is the same - Clark, Jane, and Dyanne's powerful journey. This edit streamlines that story by focusing more on scenes that highlight Clark's connection to green burial. For some, the hour-long film may prove useful for its shorter runtime and/or its emphasis on the scenes that offer the most educational relevance. This version also includes roughly 30 minutes of bonus material.'