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Wolves in Paradise

Set in the soaring mountains and majestic valleys of southwest Montana, WOLVES IN PARADISE is a tale of survival as ranchers face the challenge of living with wolves in the decade after the top predator was reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park.

The documentary follows the growing wolf packs as they leave the sanctuary of the park and make their first incursions into Paradise Valley. 'How can we have the rancher and the wolf together? That's the part we need to get figured out, all right. That's the tough one,' says Paradise Valley rancher Martin Davis. Davis copes with the frustration of running livestock in wolf country, while fending off another threat to his way of life: encroaching development. His traditional, family outfit is contrasted with the vast Sun Ranch in nearby Madison Valley, operated as a conservation experiment that tries to accommodate both wolves and cattle with unexpected, dramatic results.

Meanwhile, as the action plays out in the remote reaches of Greater Yellowstone, a surprising alliance grows between traditional enemies -- livestock growers and conservationists -- who find common ground in the need to protect open space from developers in this last, wild corner of the West.