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The Wasting of a Wetland

The Wasting of a Wetland

The Everglades, most critically endangered of all National Parks, is being threatened by modern industrial pollution, agriculture, and development for a burgeoning human population.

The abuse of wetlands--by filling, draining and polluting--is rapidly destroying habitat for diverse species of plants and animals, eliminating feeding stations along the flyways of migratory birds, and damaging fresh water supplies across the country.

In the Everglades, not only is a unique legacy of wildlife being lost, but with it the sole source of fresh water for South Florida, America's fastest growing population center.

'An informative and haunting documentary that exposes legislative loopholes and the short-sighted self-interest of the agricultural and development industries...vital for anyone concerned about the future of our natural resources.' Ralph Nader

'We are bound by the same natural laws as every other plant and animal on the planet, and I think without increased awareness and public education we are bound to crash.' Michael Finley, Superintendent, Everglades National Park

'Incisive...beautifully filmed, frightening examination of a unique ecosystem under attack.' Booklist

'Technical qualities are excellent...useful for college courses in environmental and regional studies.' Choice


Main credits

Elias, Daniel (film director)
Elias, Daniel (film producer)
Geer, Stephen (narrator)

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Camera, Erik Mortensen; editor, Daniel Elias; music, Evan Seplow.

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Everglades, National Parks, pollution, development; "The Wasting of a Wetland"; Bullfrog Films