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Crips and Bloods: Made in America

Chronicles the decades-long cycle of destruction and despair that defines modern gang culture in South LA.

Bullfrog Films | 2009 | 83 minutes

Excellent Cadavers

A dramatic investigation of the recent history of the Mafia and its integral relationship to postwar Italian politics. Based on the book by Alexander Stille.

First Hand Films | 2006 | 92 minutes

La Sierra

Tracing a year in the life of a neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia ruled by a paramilitary gang, this is a searing exploration of three lives defined by years of overwhelming violence.

Icarus Films | 2005 | 84 minutes

Like Any Other Kid

Follows the intimate relationships between incarcerated youth and staff who use love and structure to guide and teach youth offenders how to take responsibility for themselves.

Bullfrog Films | 2020 | 89 minutes

Mafioso, Into the Heart of Darkness

They claimed to be “men of honour”; in reality, they were killers for the Cosa Nostra (Sicily). Here, three of them tell their stories.

Andana Films | 2022 | 52 minutes

A Murder in Abidjan

An unflinching look at the brutal methods used by the Abidjan police chief to investigate the murder of a police officer.

Icarus Films | 1997 | 86 minutes

The Shooting on Mole Street

A gripping documentary that follows two cops verité-style, while capturing the complex dynamics of a community where selling drugs is seen as the only option for many young men.

Icarus Films | 1998 | 90 minutes


In the town of Zinder in Niger, in the poor area of Kara-Kara which used to be the lepers’ district, a culture of gang violence reigns.

Andana Films | 2021 | 82 minutes