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Bad Hair

A nine-year-old boy’s preening obsession with straightening his hair elicits a tidal wave of homophobic panic in his hard-working mother, in this tender but clear-eyed coming-of-age tale.

Pragda Films | 2013 | 93 minutes

Baracoa. 500 Years Later

Baracoa, the small town surrounded by mountains and rivers, is immersed in its own legend and in the work and dreams of its people. It prevails half a millennium from the day in which Christopher Columbus planted the “Parra” Cross on its shore. It was Cuba’s initial capital.

Pragda Films | 2010 | 61 minutes

Between Fire and Water

Camilo is a young black man adopted by an indigenous couple in rural Colombia. Supported by his adoptive father, Camilo embarks on a journey to find his true identity and understand his two races.

Pragda Films | 2020 | 92 minutes

Bixa Travesty

Linn da Quebrada, a Brazilian transgender singer and artist, presents a powerful and courageous feminist film-discourse on the body and its representation.

Pragda Films | 2018 | 75 minutes

Black in Latin America, Ep. 01 - Haiti & Dominican Republic: An Island Divided

In the Dominican Republic, Professor Gates explores how race has been socially constructed, while In Haiti, hear the story of the birth of the first-ever black republic.

Pragda Films | 2011 | 60 minutes

Black in Latin America, Ep. 02 - Cuba: The Next Revolution

In Cuba, Gates finds out how the culture, religion, politics and music are linked to slave labor, and how race and racism have fared since Fidel Castro’s Communist revolution in 1959.

Pragda Films | 2011 | 60 minutes

Black in Latin America, Ep. 03 Brazil: A Racial Paradise?

In Brazil, Professor Gates goes behind the façade of Carnival to discover how this “rainbow nation” is waking up to its legacy as the world’s largest slave economy.

Pragda Films | 2011 | 60 minutes

Black in Latin America, Ep. 04 - Mexico & Peru: The Black Grandma in the Closet

In Mexico and Peru, Professor Gates explores the almost unknown history of slavory and the worlds of culture that their descendants have created.

Pragda Films | 2011 | 60 minutes

A Bruddah's Mind

A reminder of the importance of activism, political engagement, and the sacrifices that come with it, A Bruddah’s Mind follows Saulo, a black introvert student and fan of the Black Panther Movement, as he challenges his school in the largely white city of Fortaleza.

Pragda Films | 2020 | 86 minutes

Burning Night

Along with the lonely cab driver Paulo, the night and Rio de Janeiro are the main protagonists of the new film by Eryk Rocha (awarded at Cannes'16 for Cinema Novo).

Pragda Films | 2019 | 98 minutes