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Ending Disease

Granted unprecedented access to groundbreaking trials taking place at top research facilities in the United States, our crew filmed through the duration of ten clinical trials that used regenerative medicine to treat brain cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, HIV, spinal cord injury, eye disease, and SCID.
Over the course of four episodes, the patients put their hope and their faith in the trials, and we witness as their illnesses are profoundly transformed by pioneering treatments.​

​Meanwhile, the scientists on the forefront of medical science must fight for those trials, as they know that medicine is on the cusp of a radical transformation where therapies will move away from chemo, radiation, surgeries, and a lifetime of treatment, and toward medicine that is less expensive, less toxic and most importantly, curative.

​Ending Disease establishes without a doubt that we are in a historical time in medicine, where regenerative medicine is changing therapies from treatments to cures. The series takes the viewer through a powerful emotional journey as it weaves human stories of patients and their doctor working together on the frontier of medical science.