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Iraq's Lost Generation

There are believed to be some one hundred thousand children that have been fending for themselves since the battle against ISIS. From orphans in the streets of Mosul to “the children of ISIS,” whose families had pledged allegiance to the caliphate. They’re stigmatized, and their existence is not legally recognized in “Post-ISIS” Iraq. Without I.Ds, they have no access to medical care, food assistance, nor, above all, to education. This unprecedented investigation offers a voice to those minors, the social outcasts of a new Iraq that only a handful of NGOs are trying to help. Around the Mosul area, in Iraqi Kurdistan and Northeastern Syria, this documentary takes the form of a journey on war-torn lands, to meet this generation who endured the reign of the Islamic State, a war for liberation and its resulting violence, and now tries to find a future, between resilience and revenge.