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Huang Weikai's one-of-a-kind news documentary captures, with remarkable freedom, the anarchy, violence, and seething anxiety animating China's major cities today. As urbanization in China advances at a breakneck pace, Chinese cities teeter on the brink of mayhem. One man dances in the middle of traffic while another attempts to jump from a bridge before dozens of onlookers. Pigs run wild on a highway while dignitaries swim in a polluted river. Unshowable on China's heavily controlled television networks, Disorder reveals an emerging underground media, one that has the potential to truly capture the ground-level upheaval of Chinese society.

Huang Weikai collects footage from a dozen amateur videographers and weaves them into a unique symphony of urban social dysfunction. Huang shatters and reconstructs a world that's barely comprehensible, though with palpable energy - vibrant, dangerous, and terrifying.

'Several [films] have caught the chaos of rapidly industrialized China, but none is as raw or terrifying as this.' -Glenn Sumi, Now Toronto

'One of the most mesmerizing films I've seen in ages.' -Hua Hsu, The Atlantic


Main credits

Wen, Da (film producer)
Huang, Weikai (film director)
Huang, Weikai (film editor)
Huang, Weikai (photographer)

Other credits

Photography, Huang Shuqiu, Huang Weikai; editor, Huang Weikai.

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Distributor subjects

Environmental Film Festivals
Urban Studies
Urban and Regional Planning
dGenerate Films Collection - Documentaries


Urbanization; Beijing; Chinese; cities; HUANG Weikai; megacities; Weikai; Huang; documentary; film; video; DVD; "Disorder"; Icarus Films; ,doc,env

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