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20-year-old Antoine is in trouble with a gang of thugs to whom he owes money. Sick of his endless illegal dealing, his mother and his older brother send him to stay with Vincent, the father he hasn’t seen for years. Antoine is taken aback to find Vincent running a gym and training all out to win back his bodybuilding title. Marked in turn by indifference and incredulity, their reunion is anything but easy: a father and son with nothing in common. All the same, to help him out of the deep shit he’s got himself into, Vincent allows Antoine to come and work with him. Slowly, Antoine will begin to understand – and finally to respect – the life his father has chosen. Hard-hitting, comic, heart-warming, BODYBUILDERS is a moving portrait of a battered dreamer and his troubled son, forced to abandon their prejudices and given one last chance to heal the wounds of their long-divided family.