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A Family Quartet

A Family Quartet

Meet 16 year old Dutch violin talent Noa Wildschut and her family during the three years leading up to her debut album and international breakthrough. Ever since a young age, both Noa and her sister Avigal share a great passion for music. Both of them are stimulated within their family to get the most out of their talent. The driving force being their mother Liora, who is a violin pedagogue as well. When Noa’s talent reaches a new high, this affects the family as a whole. A FAMILY QUARTET shows how every family member needs to relate themselves to her talent. The film follows the family life at home and during Noa’s travels around the world. Through intimate observations, we delve deeply into the emotional bonds between the family members, where love, expectations, and ambitions all come together. Home videos from the family archive form an unconscious layer of memories in the minds of the main characters.

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