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Never Whistle Alone

Never Whistle Alone

It is an ordinary day; leaving the house, off you go to work as usual. But today, you are asked to turn a blind eye on your boss' illicit business. You have little time to decide. What would you do? Employees from diverse business fields tell us about the illegal activities they have discovered inside their company. They lead us into the rooms where illicit agreements are signed, and show us what they saw. Each of them tells a different case, but all stories have the same plot: regular corruption, attempts to involve others, intimidations for those who don't play the game, mobbing, isolation. Interview after interview, the protagonists tell us the story of a normal employee who discovers the bosses' illegal activities and has to decide what to do. His life and his future are at stake. On the other side of the table, there is a criminal system that runs 100 billion euro a year.

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