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Alessandro and Pietro are 16 years-old and live in Naples, district of Traiano where, in the summer of 2014, Davide Bifolco, also 16, was shot by a policeman who mistook him for a fugitive. They are inseparable friends, Alessandro works as a waiter in a bar, Pietro dreams to become a hairdresser. Alessandro and Pietro accept the director’s proposal to shoot themselves with an iPhone, commenting live on their own daily experiences, their close friendship, their neighborhood – now empty, in the middle of summer – and the tragedy that ended Davide’s life.

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Main credits

Ferrente, Agostino (film director)
Ferrente, Agostino (screenwriter)
Antonelli, Alessandro (on-screen participant)
Antonelli, Alessandro (photographer)
Orlando, Pietro (on-screen participant)
Orlando, Pietro (photographer)
Berdugo, Marc (film producer)
Conforti, Barbara (film producer)

Other credits

Filmed and interpreted by Alessandro Antonelli, Pietro Orlando; original music by Andrea Pesce; editing, Letizia Caudullo.

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; "Selfie"; Deckert; Italy; Naples; guns; police; violence; teenagers; civil rights;

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