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Dance Camera West - Best of Fest 1

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Dance Camera West presents an annual international festival held at renowned arts venues throughout Los Angeles, as well as informative and educational events throughout the year in person and virtually, to bring dance beyond the stage through the language of film.

This "Best of Fest" collection from Dance Camera West 2021 includes 8 short films.

Sedimented Here (6 min) - Directed by Rachel Barker
This dance film shot in Moab, Utah explores relationship between the moving body and outdoor environment, asking "what movement belongs here"?

Traces (10 min) - Directed by Alex Murrull
Two strangers share a room for hours in different shifts. Their loneliness is broken as they both find each other’s objects. A relationship that inhabits between fantasy and reality emerges.

4 (12 min) - Directed by Mariana Palacios
Two pianists and two dancers travel together in a retro-futuristic quest for knowledge through pulse and rhythm, creating a progressive and hypnotic piece, and placing the piano as a common operating table for their interaction.

Earth Odyssey: Asaf Avidan (4 min) - Directed by Adi Halfin
Earth Odyssey was made by dancers from different continents filming themselves in their confinement with their personal phones and computers during the first week of April 2020 amidst COVID-19 lockdowns.

Beast (10 min) - Directed by Adi Halfin
Portrays an encounter between the choreographer Victor Hugo Pontes and Braga Municipal Stadium, by the architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.

Liminality (7 min) - Directed by Jennifer Petuch & Annali Rose
Liminality is inspired by reimagining what Odette may have experienced upon plunging to her death in the lake from the classical ballet "Swan Lake".

where the spiders live (3 min) - Directed by Holger Mohaupt
A physical response to the memory of architecture set in the ruins of an abandoned paintball arena in Scotland.

Escape (13 min) - Directed by Heidi Duckler
In November 2019, Heidi Duckler Dance performed as part of the international programming at the Centro de Experimentación Escénica in Valdivia and at the LOFT International Dance Festival in Concepción, Chile.

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