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Resurrección / Resurrection

The once-paradisiacal waterfall of "El Salto de Juanacatlán" in Jalisco used to be known as the "Mexican Niagara”, a source of pleasure and sustenance for the villages surrounding it. This natural idyll was heavily polluted when an industrial corridor was established across the Santiago River. Today as these poisonous waters contaminate everything in their path, the local fishermen and farmers become witnesses to the disappearance of their own world. In Resurrection, one family fights for survival, risking their lives to pursue their dream of the return of a lost Eden. The destiny of a river goes hand in hand with that of a village, and of humanity itself.

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Main credits

Polgovsky, Eugenio (film director)
Polgovsky, Eugenio (photographer)
Polgovsky, Eugenio (editor of moving image work)
Polgovsky, Eugenio (film producer)
Chavezmontes, Julio (film producer)


environment; pollution; waterfall; El Salto de Juanacatlán; Jalisco; water; industry; ; " Resurrección / Resurrection"; ,doc,env; science; sociss