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Barber Shop - Ep 1: Clacton-on-Sea / UK

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We meet 6 populations in transition via the microcosm of the local barber shop.

In Rio de Janeiro, barber Pedro picks teenagers from the street to teach them a profession. The inhabitants of Clacton-on-Sea reflect on post-Brexit society. In South Africa, post Mandela era, the white middle class is degrading to poverty. Detroit’s young and old inhabitants, each in their own way, have learned to overcome the city’s bankruptcy. The Sahrawi refugees question the fight for their land. In India, hairdresser Soniya helps her clients to fight for women’s rights.


How possibly could the UK vote for Brexit? In Clacton-on-Sea, a small seaside town, barber Susan and her clients reflects on current European issues like migration, religious extremism, economic decline and the position of the UK vis-à-vis the EU. As her barber shop serves as the local get-together place in the neighbourhood, we get to peek in the opinions of ordinary people and their hopes on post Brexit society.

Sonia is one of the very rare female barbers, who learned the profession since she was 14. With clients of both sides (the REMAIN voters and the LEAVE voters), we follow Susan balancing between being warm and social on the one hand and being closed and protectionist on the other - an issue that all European populations struggle with since the migration crisis and muslim extremism.