I'm in Love with My Car

I'm in Love with My Car

A colorful sparkling history of The Car and us, in it. Hearing, smell, touch, sight, taste, that is to say all of the the human biological nature, has apparently changed since we started driving. More than any other object, cars have anthropologically modified human beings, changed our world’s perception and our way of engaging with it. With our unconditional love for cars at a turning point, will it survive?

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Main credits

Mellara, Michele (film director)
Mellara, Michele (screenwriter)
Mellara, Michele (director of photography)
Mellara, Michele (editor of moving image work)
Rossi, Alessandro (film director)
Rossi, Alessandro (screenwriter)
Rossi, Alessandro (editor of moving image work)
Malagutti, Ilaria (film producer)

Other credits

Music, Nicola Bagnoli; editing, Marco Duretti, Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi; director of photography, Michele Mellara.

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; "I'm in Love with My Car"; First Hand Films; car; consumerism; energy; oil; gas; environment; destruction;