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Contact, Ep. 6 - 9/11 by Steve McCurry

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Photographer Steve McCurry recounts his memories of 9/11 as he watched through the lens of his camera, taking pictures from the roof of his home in Washington Square.


Series Description

Contact sheets are the first overview for the photographer of what he has captured on film. They give a unique and intimate view of the style, methods and thoughts of the artist.

Cartier-Bresson himself, founder of the Magnum Photo agency, was strongly opposing the disclosure of his contact sheets and yet the choice of that picture is the point of contact between the photographer's life, thoughts, philosophy and the subject he portrays.

Two very different stories that—due to decision or unexpected coincidences—bring to life a snapshot or a posed photo, which turns into an historical icon.

Photographers and subjects:

Muhammad Ali by Thomas Hoepker
The Beatles by David Hurn
Tiananmen Square by Stuart Franklin
Margaret Thatcher by Peter Marlow
Iranian Revolution by Abbas Attar
9/11 by Steve McCurry
Yakuza by Bruce Gilden
Kitchen Debate by Elliot Erwitt
Miles Davis by Guy Le Querrec

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