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Death: A Series About Life - Episode 2: Life After Death

We are all going to die – sooner or later – but there can be great differences in how we relate to death. Death can appear frightening or leave us with grief, but it can also engage us, provide food on the table, money in the wallet or even entertain us. There are those who try to avoid it, but also others who deal with it on a daily basis. What is death, and how do we best live with it?


Over 90% of Earth’s population believe in a life after death. Why is that, and how do people around the world act to ensure a good after life?

Shot around the world on 100 locations in 25 countries, Death: A Series About Life tackles death from the physical, spiritual, creative, commercial and political angle. A father and his 8 years old daughter whose mother has died lead through five episodes. They travel the world and appreciate life the more they learn about death and how different cultures deal with it in various ways.