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Fonko - Episode 2: Francophone West Africa

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Francophone West Africa is bound together by the French language and a common currency, but also by traditions and languages from the vast empires that dominated the region long before colonialism.

Dakar is the unrivalled centre for the West African hip hop-scene. Originating among ivorians in Paris, coupé-décalé is now a major influence all over West Africa. In Burkina Faso the iconic former leader Thomas Sankara is used by musicians to protest against injustices and corruption, and in Benin, the veterans of Orchestre Polyrytmo give a historic background to today's music scene.

Featured artists: Daara J Family, Youssou N'dour, Didier Awadi, Sister Fa, Waga 3000, Smarty, Orchestre Polyrytmo, Kossi Apeson, Hakim, a.m.o

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