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Footprints of War - Nature Under Fire

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What does a war mean to our ecosystem and how is the global eco-balance affected? Can a modern war be eco-friendly? What does it mean when a military machinery is put into motion, what resources are needed and how much are used? A search around the globe and through history: The battlefields of World War I are the birthplaces of modern Ecocide. In Norway and Russia a Soviet submarine officer introduces us to one of the best kept cold war secrets: the nuclear complex. In Vietnam scientists laborate on the half a century old dioxin contamination caused by Agent Orange. On the Canadian coastline a Remotely Operated Vehicle leads us to toxic hotspots on the seafloor. In the Baltic Sea we find a German shipwreck loaded with chemical weapons. And a paradise island in the Caribbean gives shocking testimony of five decades of military training. FOOTRPINTS OF WAR is a film about two antagonist logics: the logic of strength and fight versus the logic of life and balance.

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