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A younger and an aging woman mirroring each other's experiences – the will to live, and lack thereof.

The director brings her mother Karin Broos, a famous Swedish painter, to a Spa Resort in Latvia for her 60th birthday. It was their first trip together alone. This would be the time when they would get closer and open up to each other. Everything was arranged to that; the place was lovely, there was time. But a forced silence arised between them and nothing was said. Instead they escaped into their own worlds. The mother, who is an artist, was looking for motives for new paintings. After the trip the director decided to make a film about their relationship, to try to get closer to her mother. The result is a poetic and personal journey about memories, dreams, the subconsious, the sorrows, shame, ageing, self – hatred. Fragments of life. The attempt to hold on to something, while everything is in constant change.

In a meditation on life and art, health and illness, secrets and shame, serenity and nightmare. A cinematic catharsis through evocations of daily life, dreams, archival material, diary notes, the mother’s paintings and captivating footage. A glimpse into the unconventional world of an artistic family in the countryside of Nordic Europe, set to a soundtrack that totally draws you into the story.