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The Elk Forest

Sigrid has hunted elk for years, but is still not sure if she actually wants to shoot the beautiful animal. She’s hunting with her father, Geir, who is faithfully doing everything he can to facilitate for his daughter’s first kill. Sigrid is moving home after studies in Oslo, hoping to be able to combine life as a professional folk-musician with the life close to nature in her home village.

Halvard has hunted for a lifetime. He is starting to feel his body ageing, but it will take a lot of him to put his rifle away for good. Giving up the hunt is a bit like letting go of a part of yourself.

Nelly was one of the first female hunters in the village. Now she has prosthesis in both of her knees, and can barely walk, but declares that “as long as the will to hunt is greater than my wits, I will continue to hunt”.