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Seventeen Short Films About Breasts

Seventeen Short Films About Breasts

This provocative and often lovely suite of short films explores a range of feelings and concerns women have about their breasts. Together or individually, they offer a wonderful variety of ways to stimulate individual reflection and group discussion.

A range of intelligent, thoughtful women of all ages talk about the meaning to them of their breasts throughout the life cycle from sources of embarrassment in the early teen years, to pride and self-identity later on; as centers of their erotic and sexual lives, and as sources of nourishment and nurturing for their children. Tragically, their breasts are also a source of vulnerability; both the risk and the reality of breast cancer are the focus of many of these short visual essays.

The discussions of cancer are emotionally powerful and visually frank. We see what mastectomies look like both with and without reconstruction and we hear from women who have had both positive and negative experiences with the healthcare system and with the procedures they have undergone. Yet many of the films, such as those about hats, wigs, and prostheses, have a wry humor. Others, such as the ones on biopsies and radiation therapy, simply convey these experiences, with their tension, fear, and pain as well, sometimes, as monotony and boredom. Still other essays explore women's quest for answers: Why did this happen to me? Why does it happen to so many women? Is there anything I could have done? What can I do to prevent recurrence?

'A stark portrayal of women speaking their truth directly to the camera. They talk about the meaning of their breasts to them, their diagnoses of cancer, their journeys through the medical system, and the impact of loss. The film's power lies in the candor and courage with which the women speak. This is breast cancer undressed.' -Susan Millar: The Undercurrent, Canada


Main credits

Robertson, Cathryn (film director)
Robertson, Cathryn (film producer)
Robertson, Cathryn (screenwriter)
Robertson, Cathryn (photographer)

Other credits

Photography, Cathryn Robertson; editor, Edi Osghian; music, Vince Mai, Dr. Bob.

Docuseek subjects

Distributor subjects

Body Image / Obesity / Eating Disorders
Cancer / Oncology
Fanlight Collection
Men and Women / Gender Issues
Women's Health
Women's Studies


Film; Video; DVD; breasts; breat cancer; cancer; women's health; woman; women; breast; sexuality; reconstruction; reconstructive surgery; mastectomies; mastectomy; wig; hat; "Seventeen Short Films About Breasts"; The Fanlight Collection

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