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Boy In The World

Boy In The World

For many three and four-year-olds, learning how to live in the world begins in a preschool classroom. Children with developmental disabilities are no exception. This intimate documentary follows four-year-old Ronen, a young boy with Down syndrome, who attends a fully inclusive early childhood education center. Through his story we learn what it really means for a child to be included: the triumphs, the struggles, and the positive effects on everyone involved: classmates, parents, teachers, and community. Through interviews with teachers, administrators, parents and disability professionals, the film explores the inclusion process in depth, and concretely demonstrates that inclusive classrooms can benefit all children, both those with special needs and their typical peers. This is a rich, evocative exploration of how inclusion works, from the nuts and bolts of a successful inclusive classroom to the benefits and challenges of educational practices that help all children to learn and to find their place in the world.

'Bravo! Addresses critical elements of genuine, effective inclusion.' -Sally S. Arsenault, R.I. Department of Education

'A beautifully made film and a wonderful example of inclusion done well!' -Dr. Deborah Goessling, Providence College

'BOY IN THE WORLD shows the essence of inclusion.' -Claudia Buchinsky, parent


Main credits

Jennings, Jessica (Director)
Jennings, Jessica (Film editor)
Jennings, Jessica (Cinematographer)
Britt, Kris (Producer)
Lavall, John (Producer)

Other credits

Editor, Jessica Jennings; director of photography, Jessica Jennings.

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Civil Rights
Fanlight Collection
Youth Issues


film; video; documentary; dvd; preschool; inclusion; disabilities; disabled; down syndrome; down; syndrome; classroom inclusion; classroom; educational practice; education; "Boy In The World"; The Fanlight Collection