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Dreams and Dilemmas (40 minute version)

Dreams and Dilemmas (40 minute version)

Advances in neonatal medicine have dramatically improved the survival chances of premature infants, yet survival can come at a high cost. Many such infants experience severe and often life-threatening health problems, and their parents and caregivers may confront enormously difficult and troubling decisions.

This compelling documentary follows one couple and their premature twin sons over the course of six months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Without narration or preaching, it allows viewers to experience and share in the dilemmas confronted by the parents and by their nurses, physicians, social worker and hospital chaplain. It will be a powerful tool for discussion for students and professionals in healthcare and the social services.

NOTE: This is an updated and shorted version of the 58-minute 1998 original Dreams and Dilemmas.

Study Guide available.

NOTE: This is a 40 minute version of the film. A complete transcript of the original 58-minute version (1998) is available for download.

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