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Grief in America

Grief in America

This video takes an honest and comprehensive look at how our culture deals with loss in all its forms. Interviews with a number of nationally recognized authorities on the grieving process examine, among other things, some common myths about grieving, the importance of social supports, the impact of ethnic traditions regarding grief, and the social costs of unresolved grieving.

The documentary also includes the moving stories of seven individuals who have experienced losses both from anticipated causes such as progressive disease, and from unexpected causes including heart attack, murder and suicide.

'A comprehensive look at grief and how our society deals with grief. Very helpful information presented in an understandable and realistic way.' -Jereva Christiansen, Volunteer Training, Individualized Hospice

'An excellent video that covers different ethnicities and customs, as well as general characteristics of grief and dying.' -Deb Getty, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University

'An excellent macro view of grieving in a death-denying society. One of the best available films utilizing an omni-approach to a hidden topic.' -Tom Bruce, Sacramento City College


Main credits

Atkinson, Bert (screenwriter)
Atkinson, Bert (film director)
Atkinson, Bert (film producer)
Edwards, Anthony (narrator)

Other credits

Original music, Craig Harris; photographer, Bill Aron; camera, Easter Xua [and 3 others]; online editor, Jim Sevin.

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Cross-Cultural Issues
Death and Dying
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