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The Family Meal

The Family Meal

Obesity is second only to smoking as the leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Ironically, in the midst of this epidemic, American families are chronically under-nourished. It has been suggested that one cause of today's obesity crisis is the decline of the family meal. Under ever-increasing time and financial pressures, parents may be spending less time with their children, who may in turn feel isolated and depressed, and use food to make up for the vital nurturing connection that occurs when families eat together. This short documentary is a companion film to The Weight of Obesity

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Main credits

Freeman, Mickey (film director)
Freeman, Mickey (film producer)
Freeman, Mickey (photographer)
Freeman, Mickey (editor of moving image work)
Ryan, Joan (screenwriter)
Berman, Lee (screenwriter)
Zaretsky, Warren (screenwriter)

Other credits

Photographed & edited by Mickey Freeman; original music, Tom Disher.

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Closed Captioned
Community and Public Health
Family Relations
Fanlight Collection
Parenting and Childbirth


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