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For six years, actor and director Alison Peebles has been keeping a secret: she has multiple sclerosis. MS is an unpredictable but progressive disease of the brain and nervous system which is affecting her speech, mobility, and eyesight. Having watched her father die of the disease, she has even hidden the diagnosis from her mother and sister. Now, in the midst of working on the Scottish detective series, Taggart (carried by PBS), Alison finds that she can no longer hide her symptoms, and she's afraid that the revelation may destroy her career will directors accept an actor with a limp, will the producer's insurance company continue to cover her? She also finds herself coping with the gradual erosion of some of the things that have made up her identity: she'll have to kiss goodbye to her sexy, high-heeled shoes.

Enlivened by Alison's mordant wit and by imaginative animation sequences based on her own sketches, this is a compelling portrait of a brave woman facing her uncertain future with humor and determination. 'I believe very strongly that I should be allowed to work and live in this world as a person with a disability,' she says. 'I don't want to be seen as someone with MS. I want to be seen as Alison Peebles, who acts, directs...and sometimes falls over.'

'The film is not maudlin or sentimental. It tackles the themes of keeping secrets, and society's reaction to disability, but focusing on a personal story in an engaging way. Multiple has a strong thread of humor running through it without being flippant. I thoroughly recommend it.' -Inclusion Scotland

'Inspiring and moving...a powerful journey of discovery...will help people understand the varied and unpredictable nature of MS.' -MS Society of the United Kingdom

'We see not an MS victim, but a beautiful, strong vibrant woman facing up to an uncertain future.' -The Daily Mail


Main credits

Peebles, Alison (on-screen participant)
Peebles, Alison (film producer)
Broadbent, Lucinda (film director)
Broadbent, Lucinda (film producer)
Broadbent, Lucinda (cinematographer)

Other credits

Camera, Paul Mellon, Alan McSheehy, Mark Davitt; music, Moonglass Music.

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Chronic Illness / Heart Disease
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