We are barraged by media images that unrealistically glamorize and sexualize women and girls. This lively and engaging film explores the impact these messages have on young women's physical, psychological and emotional health. Through the voices of a racially and culturally diverse group of women and girls, PicturePerfect examines the interplay of race and ethnicity, body image, dieting and eating disorders, and the early influence of toys and cartoons. It offers tools to begin dissecting and questioning the media that influence our behaviors, attitudes, and values.

The contrasts between how these women see themselves and the highly idealized imagery that dominates TV and print advertising are particularly stark. Yet their comments also reveal the conflicting responses we have to the media and consumer culture how we participate in and resist it at the same time. Suitable for a wide range of ages and audiences, PicturePerfect is an outstanding discussion starter, and will be an invaluable educational tool for families, as well as for schools, universities, social service agencies, scouting and other youth groups, religious organizations, and others.

Producer Carol Tizzano is available to speak at screenings of PicturePerfect, and offers consultation and presentations on a wide range of media topics for adults and young people. Contact her through PicturePerfect Productions.

'One of the best videos I've seen on how girls and women are represented and influenced by popular media. It's like listening in on what these very real but especially insightful girls and women have to say about our current culture and values.' - Tamar Sobel, Girls, Women + Media Project

'Exactly the sort of video we were looking for. One gets the sense that these young women feel betrayed, misled, and deceived by media role models, and that they want to tell their stories so that others won't experience the same consequences.' - Ranny Levy, Coalition for Children's Quality Media

'The perfect stimulant for thought and conversation. The search for unobtainable perfection that accompanies growing up female in the U.S. is a serious problem. PicturePerfect provides an opportunity to begin addressing that problem.' - Terry Burant, Rethinking Schools

'Tizzano gives us the tools to dissect and question the media that parade these idealized women's bodies before us, causing harm to real women (and men) in the process.' - Cinematheque at the Cleveland Institute of Art

'A thoughtful documentary that addresses the inner conflicts many women deal with and a fine discussion starter, which offers important encouragement towards greater media literacy. Recommended. Three stars.' - Video Librarian


Main credits

Tizzano, Carol (film director)
Tizzano, Carol (film producer)

Other credits

Videography, Jesse Epstein, Carol Tizzano, Jane Winslow; editors, Jesse Epstein [and 4 others]; music, Larry Marotta.

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Body Image / Obesity / Eating Disorders
Fanlight Collection
High School Use
Media Studies
Social Work
US and Canadian Broadcast Rights
Women's Health Issues


DVD; Video; Film ; Documentary; media; media images; women; girls; ethnicity; body image; diet; dieting; eating disorders; beauty; advertising; marketing; model; models; consumer culture; consumers; Barbie; Barbie Doll; "PicturePerfect"; The Fanlight Collection