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Plan F

Plan F

For Ed Marko, being an occupational therapist was 'Plan A' but, at the age of twenty, he lost his eyesight to a degenerative disease. Undaunted by his unexpected disability, Marko continued for a while to work as a therapist, but Plan B didn't exactly work out, and eventually C, D and E turned out to be dead ends as well. By the time he got to Plan F, though, Marko had figured out what was going to be his life's work: running his own auto repair shop in Cincinnati.

Modest, gruff, and down-to-earth, Ed Marko makes an unlikely hero. He says that he can't understand why anybody would be interested in his story. The film follows his daily routine as he deals with piles of parts, a pesky cat, uncooperative employees, and the tangled insides of his customers' cars. As he copes with nuts, bolts, wrenches and bearings, touch using his tongue as well as his fingers substitutes for eyes that no longer do their jobs. Plan F offers an engaging visual demonstration of the power of recovery and reinvention when life forces a change of plans.

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