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Concrete Love

Concrete Love

Pritzker Prize laureate Gottfried Böhm is widely regarded as Germany’s preeminent architect. The son of a master builder of churches, he’s also the patriarch of a modern architecture dynasty to which his three sons, Stephan, Peter and Paul, belong. But with the death of Gottfried’s wife Elisabeth, also an architect and a key source of inspiration for all the Böhm builders, the family loses its emotional lodestone.

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Main credits

Böhm, G (on-screen participant)
Staerkle Drux, Maurizius (film director)
Staerkle Drux, Maurizius (screenwriter)
Rettinger, Carl-Ludwig (film producer)

Other credits

Director of photography, Raphael Beinder; editor, Anika Simon (BFS); original score by Jonas Bühler.

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Architects, Architecture, Art History, Death and Dying, Germany, Family Issues, Environmental Design, Grief and Recovery,


Architecture, Pritzker, History, Death, Grieving, Loss, Reconciliation, Family; "Concrete Love"; First Run Features