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Guilty Until Proven Guilty

Guilty Until Proven Guilty

GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY explores Louisiana’s criminal justice system through the story of Tim Conerly, a young African-American man who was arrested in the wake of an armed robbery in New Orleans and waited 28 months for a trial for a crime he says he did not commit. After more than two years in the Orleans Parish Jail, Conerly must choose between accepting a plea bargain of seven years or risking a sentence of 49½ to 198 years if he is convicted at trial. It’s a choice that no human being should have to make...and one that someone with more resources could almost certainly avoid having to make.

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Main credits

Moses, Harry (film director)
Moses, Harry (film producer)
Moses, Harry (screenwriter)
Moses, Harry (narrator)
Usher (on-screen participant)

Other credits

Original score, Terence Blanchard; director of photography, Bruce Anderson; editor, Adam Zucker.

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Distributor subjects

Rce and Racism, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Crime and Criminals


Criminal Justice System, Louisiana, New Orleans, Prison System, Plea Bargains, Racism; "Guitly Until Proven Guilty"; First Run Features