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Cesar's Last Fast

CESAR'S LAST FAST is a Sundance feature documentary about the private sacrifice and spiritual conviction behind César Chavez’s struggle for the humane treatment of America’s farmworkers. A panorama of Mexican American and American history, civil rights, non-violent protest tactics, the environment, labor struggles, Catholic and Indigenous religious practices, this important documentary gives students unprecedented insight into Chavez's life and the historic farmworker movement. By featuring never-before-seen footage of Chavez’s 1988 “Fast for Life,” a 36-day act of self-imposed penance, CESAR'S LAST FAST gives viewers a detailed and intimate account of Chavez' response to the resistance he faced in his all-consuming quest to stop growers from spraying pesticide on farmworkers. For young people, the film is a moving introduction to a pioneering social justice movement, and the individuals and communities who continue to creatively confront the inequalities they face every day.