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Confessions of a Social Bully

CONFESSIONS OF A SOCIAL BULLY offers a first-person account of the harmful bullying that too commonly occurs in schools and its destructive consequences. This short film tells the story of middle schoolers Natasha and Jane, who become fast friends as sixth grade starts. But as Jane excels in school, Natasha grows intensely jealous and increasingly insecure about her own abilities, and she begins using her popularity to ensure Jane’s status as a class outcast for the next three years. At the end of eighth grade when Jane bravely confronts the entire class about their cruelty, Natasha begins what will become several years of examining her actions, her motivations, and the true meaning of compassion. Now 20 years old, Natasha shares her story with candor and insight, reflecting on the destructive impact of her behavior and her journey towards reckoning and transformation. An essential resource to advance students’ social and emotional learning that helps students address bullying in their communities.