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For a Better Life - Bitchitra Collective

On his 5th birthday, Fekri runs through the local market in Tunisia, swiping some food from a local vendor. The shop owner catches him stealing and threatens to chop off Fekri’s hand; but he is spared such brutality when a seemingly altruistic French tourist, Florence, catches sight of the events and offers to pay for the food before following Fekri home. Fekri lives in an abusive home with few financial resources. His mom fears she cannot protect him from dangers at home or in the streets, so when Florence offers to buy Fekri for $100 his mom acquises, believing she is giving Fekri an opportunity for a better life. However, Florence demonstrates no affection towards Fekri and for the next four years she is physically and sexually abusive. It is not until the abuse is discovered that Fekri moves into a group home where he finally finds support, mentorship, and forgiveness towards the family which sold him.