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Finding Fate

FINDING FATE follows the lives of three mothers in Poland, and their shared quest to be strong for their families and help others struggling under the shadow of the recent war in Ukraine. Nastia, a Ukrainian refugee, was forced to flee her home with her five-year-old daughter. Now in Poland, she battles to find a new “normal” as she vows to keep her child safe. Anna, a Polish mother, finds herself haunted by Poland’s conflicted past. She feels compelled to help those escaping Ukraine, and she shelters a mother with nowhere to go. And finally, Marzena, a Jewish, Polish, single mother, who’s entire family was murdered by the Nazis is motivated to help because of her family’s past. She sees the plight of her Jewish ancestors as occurring once again. Maybe this time, she can help them survive. The ferocity with which these mothers fight to protect their children and families gives the viewer a rare glimpse of how powerful the maternal spirit is during a time of war. By valuing each other's histories and current realities, FINDING FATE reveals that when we find common ground, we can unite to help build a shared future.