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I Am Bisha

Former president Omar al-Bashir of Sudan dropped over four thousand bombs on villages across the Nuba Mountains. Ganja, the 26 year old pacifist son of a rebel commander, witnessed a bomb drop meters from his home. He has never found a way to fight back — until now. Ganja became President Bashir. Or to be precise, he became the man who controls Bashir’s head. Ganja and his friends in the Nuba Mountains acquired a puppet of the dictator and filmed a satirical web series called “Bisha TV.” The show follows the president’s schemes to raise money for a campaign of violent suppression across Sudan. Over one million people have watched “Bisha TV,” most of them inside Sudan. This short film (14’) weaves together the story of Ganja’s life in the Nuba Mountains, his creative process working under extraordinary conditions, and darkly hilarious scenes from “Bisha TV.” Through Ganja’s work — and the comic escapades of two Sudanese strongmen — we see an unlikely flowering of political humor and appreciate the true power of grassroots media.