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Possible Selves

POSSIBLE SELVES follows Alex and Mia, two teenagers in foster care, as they pursue college dreams while struggling with lives torn between biological and foster families. Alex, a foster teen in Los Angeles, navigates four years of high school as he tries to overcome the odds and get into college—at a time when only 3% of American kids who grow up in foster care receive bachelor's degrees. Along the way, Alex struggles to balance his love for his biological family with the need to assimilate into his foster family. Meanwhile, we also meet Mia during her senior year of high school. She is a foster youth who has survived severe trauma and abuse and is now with a supportive and loving foster family. While the obstacles to success that the teenagers in POSSIBLE SELVES face are extreme, their resilience paired with the love and support of caring adults may make it possible for them to become the adults they dream of being.