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Sunset Story

SUNSET STORY portrays the extraordinary friendship between 81-year-old Irja Lloyd and 95-year-old Lucille Alpert, the two most lucid residents at an unusual retirement home for aging radicals. Their feisty engagement with life inextricably draws them together, and their vitality and quest for meaning and connection will change the way we all look at aging. As they attend demonstrations, register their fellow residents to vote and debate everything under the sun; including gender roles, sex, and social attitudes towards aging, Irja and Lucille's verve and humor delight us. At the same time, SUNSET STORY doesn't shy away from the sadness of old age; instead it reveals two elderly women's lives in an unusually authentic and surprisingly moving way. This multi-dimensional portrait of two women who defy stereotypes helps students and professionals gain a greater appreciation of the complexities and possibilities of growing old. Featured on PBS's Independent Lens and used widely in Women's Studies, SUNSET STORY gives students, healthcare practitioners and communities new insight into the experiences of women as they age.