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The Show Must Go On - Bitchitra Collective

After decades of dormancy, the aging icons of Parsi Theatre return to the stage, putting aside their walking sticks and wheelchairs for one final curtain. Plunging into rehearsals, this documentary chronicles the resilience of a singular cast of characters that want nothing more than to go out with a bang. For most of them it will be the last time on stage after careers spanning over half a century. As the film tumbles headfirst into the creative chaos of rehearsals, we get an intimate portrait of the bonds shared between the veteran stars and the youngsters, along with a distinct flavour of their sensibilities, marked by a particular brand of not-so-subtle (and sometimes downright potty) humour that is uniquely their own. The players want to put up the best show they can, not one that’s simply good enough given its ‘senior citizen’ tag. In a way this film is very much about debunking and celebrating old age. About how people considered well past their prime, still have so much to give and be, and are themselves living, breathing, flawed, and joyous beings. A great tragedy befalls the cast on the eve of the Final Show. Will it change everything? Or will the show go on, despite all odds?