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Us Kids

From Kim A. Snyder, director of the Peabody Award-winning documentary Newtown, comes an insightful, rousing coming-of-age story of a generation of youth leaders determined to take the reins and fight for justice at a most critical time in our nation’s history. Sparked by the plague of gun violence ravaging schools, US KIDS offers unprecedented access to the March For Our Lives movement, following X Gonzalez and other co-founders and survivors over the course of several years. These teenage activists pull off the largest youth protest in American history, setting out to build an inclusive and unprecedented youth movement that addresses gun violence prevention, racial justice, a growing public health crisis and shocking a political system into change. At the same time, this group of driven, resilient, empathetic young people must navigate the personal consequences of their remarkable choice to dedicate their own lives to honor the fallen and take back democracy.

Los Angeles Times
"‘Us Kids’ is indispensable viewing for anyone who genuinely cares about the future of this country ... Snyder’s film navigates the waters of apathy and despair on a vessel of hope."

The Hollywood Reporter
"A compassionate portrait eager to let its subjects speak for themselves."

"A potent testimony to the impact of citizen protest."

"Us Kids is not about a mass shooting; it’s about a generation with a fresh set of convictions."

The Guardian
"Us Kids is chiefly concerned with the weight of attention – its costs, inequality and real potential for more than lip-service change – on the [...] generation of young people traumatized by gun violence."

The Independent
"Us Kids demonstrates the troubling realities this group of young people have had to absorb as a result of their activism."

MSNBC | Joshua Jackson
"It’s remarkable, it’s really really good."


Main credits

Snyder, Kim A. (film director)
Snyder, Kim A. (film producer)
Cole, Maria Cuomo (film producer)
Cheatle, Lori (film producer)
Corin, Jaclyn (on-screen participant)
Fuentes, Samantha (on-screen participant)
Gonzalez, Emma (on-screen participant)
Hogg, David (on-screen participant)

Other credits

Director of photography, Derek Wiesehahn; edited by Leigh Johnson; music by Fil Eisler, Brian Reitzell.

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Generation Z & Mental Health/Trauma
Gun Violence Prevention
Inclusive Movement Building
High School
Civic Engagement
Mental Health
Gun Reform Legislation
Gun Violence Prevention Research
Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue


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