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People of a Feather

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People of a Feather is presentd by the Arctic Eider Society and film director Joel Heath. 

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Please see the extensive teaching guide for background and suggested activites for students age 12 to adult prepared by the Arctic Eider Society.

Featuring stunning footage from seven winters in the Arctic, People of a Feather takes us through time into the world of the Inuit in the northern reaches of Canada. Connecting past, present and future is the Inuit's unique relationship with the eider duck. Eider down, the warmest feather in the world, allows both Inuit and bird to survive harsh Arctic winters.

Changing sea ice and ocean currents disrupted by the massive hydroelectric dams powering eastern North America bring modern challenges to these Arctic residents. Inspired by Inuit ingenuity and the amazing properties of the eider feather, the film is a call to action to implement energy solutions that work with nature.


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