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Global Environmental Justice Collection

The Global Environmental Justice documentaries explore human rights and environmental protection issues triggered by inequality, global development and climate change.  The films were selected by faculty and are supported by teaching guides. The project launched with 25 films and now includes 36, focusing on under-reported stories from Asia and North America, and will add stories from other regions over time.  The project is supported by the Luce Foundation and the Global Reporting Centre and is produced by Face to Face Media.  Underwriting from the foundation will make this collection available at a greatly reduced cost.  For more information please visit the home page

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The Global Environmental Justice Collection includes the following titles:

5x5: Voices of Change from the Forests of Indonesia + Hope: Indigenous Climate Change Solutions - image5x5: Voices of Change from the Forests of Indonesia + Hope: Indigenous Climate Change Solutions

Five short films from Indigenous communities across Indonesia show their response to threats to their forests posed by miners, loggers, palm oil plantations and global warming. In the sixth film a Dayak Iban community inspires hope as it offers a simple solution to the global climate crisis.


Face to Face Media | 2008 | 37 minutes
A Fierce Green Fire - imageA Fierce Green Fire

* New title added January 2023 *

An exploration of the environmental movement, including grassroots and global activism, spanning fifty years from conservation to climate change.

Face to Face Media | 2012 | 101 minutes | 7 - 12, College, Adult
A New Moon Over Tohoku - imageA New Moon Over Tohoku

A New Moon Over Tohoku is a moving story of love, survival, and Japanese tradition in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in northeastern Japan. film chronicles the healing journey of both the Canadian-Japanese filmmaker and the Japanese residents affected by the disaster as  Tohoku residents speak out for the first time, breaking away from their cultural silence to share their own stories.

Face to Face Media | 2016 | 98 minutes
A River Changes Course - imageA River Changes Course

Sheds light on basic and fundamental challenges people face in the effort to eat, make a living, and have a meaningful family life amid Cambodia’s changing economic and environmental landscapes.

Face to Face Media | 2013 | 83 minutes
A Tribute to Dona Dijé - imageA Tribute to Dona Dijé

* New title added January 2023 *

If Not Us Then Who?  Film 7 of 7

A leader of the Babassu movement reflects on the central place of the babassu industry in the protection of women, culture, the forests, and the Amazon as a whole.

Face to Face Media | 2019 | 4 minutes
Arrows Against the Wind - imageArrows Against the Wind

West Papua, the "Amazon of Asia" is a vast tropical rainforest that has been occupied for  25,000 years.  The Dani and the Asmat people have lived in spiritual harmony with the land for millennia. Now they are threatened by Indonesia's policy of assimilation and the destruction of their lands.

Face to Face Media | 1993 | 52 minutes
Before the Flood I - imageBefore the Flood I

Part I. The residents of the ancient Chinese cities of Fengjie clash with officials forcing them to evacuate their homes -- along with millions of other residents -- to make way for the massive Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River.

Face to Face Media | 2005 | 147 minutes
Before the Flood II - imageBefore the Flood II

Part II. Yan Yu follows up his first film with Before the Flood II, a profile of the residents of Gongtan, a 1700-year-old village soon to be demolished and flooded during the construction of Three Gorges dams and reservoir.

Face to Face Media | 2008 | 60 minutes
Beijing Besieged By Waste - imageBeijing Besieged By Waste

Director Wang Jiuliang traces the flow of garbage from his apartment to hundreds of toxic and illegal dumps grazed by sheep and plowed under by developers on the expanding edge of Beijing. He also discovers a determined community of scavengers who live in the wastelands.

Face to Face Media | 2011 | 72 minutes | 1
Black Tide: Voices from the Gulf - imageBlack Tide: Voices from the Gulf

Award-winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger tracks the lives of Louisiana residents living in the aftermath of the largest offshore oil spill in American history.

Face to Face Media | 2011 | 87 minutes

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