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12 Days

12 Days

Every year in France, 92,000 people are placed under psychiatric care without their consent. 12 DAYS focuses on those who have been involuntarily remanded to a mental hospital, and more specifically documents the hearings that, according to a 2013 law, are required to take place 12 days after each patient has been committed.

At these hearings, the patients are given an opportunity to argue for their freedom before a judge who ultimately decides whether they will go free or return for further treatment. Granted access to these hearings for the first time, celebrated filmmaker and photographer, Raymond Depardon, captures these extraordinary encounters between justice and psychiatry, giving a voice to those who have previously been voiceless.

Encompassing questions of mental health, power, class, agency, and the dynamics of societal institutions, 12 DAYS is consummately controlled yet suffused with empathy and compassion.

"Rarely has a filmmaker been able to document madness in such a direct way." The Hollywood Reporter

"Remarkable! Quietly devastating."The Guardian

"Quietly powerful."

"A proudly humane film."Sight & Sound


Main credits

Depardon, Raymond (film director)
Depardon, Raymond (cinematographer)
Nougaret, Claudine (film producer)

Other credits

Musique originale, Alexandre Desplat; dirigée par Solrey; montage, Simon Jacquet.

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Distrib Films
Human Rights
Mental Health


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