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Tribute to Alfred Lepetit

Tribute to Alfred Lepetit

Alfred Lepetit is a legendary French production assistant with more than 200 films to his credit. Well, not exactly to his credit, since he refuses to let his name appear on-screen. Charlotte Rampling sings his praises, calling him the most important person on set. Roman Polanski claims he once cancelled a production, not because he couldn’t get Travolta, but because he couldn’t get Alfred. But the man himself remains elusive: never photographed, and refusing to appear at a ceremony to honor him.

A TRIBUTE TO ALFRED LEPETIT is a breezy short mockumentary with an all-star cast paying tribute to a behind-the-scenes superhero. Set to a lively Jesse Cook score, the film alternates between testimonials to Alfred (with everyone from producers to the shoe store employee who sells him sneakers weighing in) and hilarious, frenzied black-and-white behind-the-scenes footage of a PA trained by Alfred in action.

Starring Charlotte Rampling, Roman Polanski, Jean-Claude Brialy

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Main credits

Rousselot, Jean (film director)
Braunberger, Laurence (film producer)
Marty, Sarah (screenwriter)
Polanski, Roman (on-screen participant)
Rampling, Charlotte (on-screen participant)
Brialy, Jean-Claude (on-screen participant)

Other credits

Music, Jesse Cook; photography, Pierre Barougier; editing, François Berger Garnault.

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Film History
Cultural Studies


; "Tribute to Alfred Lepetit"; Icarus Films; mockumentary; France; French; Charlotte Rampling; Roman Polanski; filmmaking; ; "Tribute to Alfred Lepetit"; Icarus Films