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Bastards: Outcast in Morocco

Bastards: Outcast in Morocco

The acclaimed film BASTARDS: OUTCAST IN MOROCCO, by BBC producer Deborah Perkin, documents one woman's fight to have her sham marriage recognized and her daughter legitimized by the Moroccan judicial system. It is also a complex and compelling portrait of Moroccan society and its attitudes to women, female sexuality, their position in society and access to education. Through Rabha's story, the Moroccan judicial system is laid open and the contemporary issues facing Islamic women are exposed as they seek to reconcile their desire for increased independence with religious and family traditions.

'More tense, more gripping than many mainstream films out there in cinemas at the moment. The story is so strong, and told with such clean, firm strokes, it absolutely puts the thing together in a way which is riveting.' - Mark Kermode, BBC

'Gripping!' - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

'A keenly thought-through, sensitively executed, dramatically involving debut.' - Trevor Johnson, Sight and Sound

'Devastating!' - Time Out New York

'Deserve[s] to be seen widely.' - Joe Morgenstern, The Wall Street Journal

'For those of us who love our calling as filmmakers, this film is the most deeply moving event in a long time. The director, Deborah Perkin, kept her head down, filmed Moroccan kids, their mothers, social workers, judges, old coots, and the landscape and somehow got dignity and hope onto film. Order this, show it to your students, get them used to the idea of excellence in reporting, of transcendence, of love.' - Emile de Brigard, visual anthropologist and author


Main credits

Perkin, Deborah (film director)
Perkin, Deborah (film producer)
Perkin, Deborah (cinematographer)

Other credits

Music, Debbie Wiseman; music performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; editors, Jane Greenwood, Amanda McGregor.

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Comparative Law
Family Relations
Middle East
North Africa
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Women's Studies


Moroccan; legal system; women's; Deborah Perkin; rights; illegitmate children; women; wives; domestic violence; marital relations; traditional marraige; documentary; film; video; DVD; law; justice; family law; ; ; "Bastards: Outcast in Morocco"; Icarus Films